Friday, October 10, 2014

Couple Receives QOVs

From Lincoln, Nebraska

On Saturday, October 4th, a very special QOV presentation was awarded to two veterans who also happen to be married. The QOV's were made by Julia S., who also did the presentation, and by Judy L. More importantly, were the recipients Ken and Erin C. 

Ken joined the Army right out of his school, served 3 combat tours in Iraq, was wounded on his second tour and received the Purple Heart as well as the Combat Action Badge while overseas. 

Erin, his wife, joined the Army in 1996 and was deployed in 2003 for Operation Enduring Freedom.They were the first married couple in the state of Nebraska to be deployed together in the war, leaving behind their two sons in the care of Ken's mom. Erin left the Army after 8 years due to Optempo, with both of them serving and one needing to be home with their two boys. 

The boys received patriotic quilts, made by Vicky S., who heads up the Cuddle Quilts for our Lincoln Guild. They were so proud of their parents, their service to country, and very appreciative of their own quilts.

Sadly, Ken's mom passed away the day before the presentation. However, Ken assured Julia, who was offering her condolences, that his mom was surely present and smiling down on them.

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  1. What a great story and an even greater family!! Love those flag quilts!! ♥