Monday, November 18, 2013


 Harold Roberts, at center, received his Quilt of Valor as part of a church service. Pictured from left are his daughter Carolyn Miles, wife Doris Roberts, pastor Fr. Breen, son-in-law Dan Miles, and St. Leonard’s Parish Council Member Anne Dugan.

By Barbara Conner

As Individual Request Coordinator, my biggest challenge is finding local volunteers to award requested quilts—our recipients deserve a hand-delivered award, not a quilt arriving in a box!

I breathe a sigh of relief when I can forward a special request to a State Coordinator. Occasionally, though, there is no SC, so I’ve become creative. If, like me, you need to coordinate a presentation that is a great distance from you, here are some suggestions:

--Contact your local VFW or American Legion.

--Consider the local sheriff or mayor, especially in small towns. Sheriff Patrick Boggs of Maysville, Kentucky, felt honored to make an award. As a member of the Kentucky Sheriff’s Association, he offered help with the whole state!  Many law officers have had previous military careers. Check with the recipient’s family to see if they know any of these local officials.

--Ask the recipient if his or her pastor or priest might make the award. A Quilt of Valor presented after a service or Mass allows the entire congregation to witness the recipient’s honor. Many military chaplains have helped us award QOVs.

--Identify local QOVF groups from our home page. One of our volunteers may live in the recipient’s hometown or neighborhood.

--Don’t forget the veteran who has already been awarded a Quilt of Valor. He or she might be the most appropriate awarder of all.

Please, present a Quilt of Valor “outside the box,” not in one!


  1. Thanks for these ideas Karla. We have many areas in Arkansas w/o any people to cover these request. This information will be a great help!

  2. Thanks for these ideas Karla! I have been in need of these ideas!!

    Sheila in Arkansas

  3. Great Ideas! I had been a bit confused and haven't emailed Cynthia or Barbara about this very subject... I have a couple of Individual requests and wasn't sure who could present. I'm taking this as a check mark, ok, that a fiance can present on warriors birthday is ok? I had another volunteer state that it had to be presented by an official QOV volunteer.. with your wonderful ideas I think our volunteer base just might expand exponentially!