Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tears, Smiles, Thanks...

I returned home last night with nearly 200 anniversary blocks (almost 70 were completed in the last 2 days at the conference), just under $500 in money received from the silent auction proceeds, new friends, new people interested in making QOVs, and at least 2 ladies in Cheyenne who are serious about putting together a group in Cheyenne! One of these ladies has had nearly all the men in her family in one branch of service or another and, therefore, has some invaluable contacts that I don't have any idea of how to get for myself.

I am very amazed at how many people have never heard of Quilts of Valor. Well, I informed all that came into my "Quilts of Valor Room"!

Now, for the most amazing part. I had a name of a Vietnam Vet that had been given me who lived in Casper, the city where the event was. He came to the show with his wife, chose a quilt (I had brought 3 there), and allowed me to present it to him. Tears, smiles, thanks, and heartfelt gratitude filled the room.

Then, I had another retired veteran, a woman, who was in country - in many countries in many "conflicts" over the past 20 years. She served forward and at the front line in positions allowed for women at the time. I had an impromptu presentation on the spot. She was so taken aback, she, her friends, and I all stood there with tears running!

The next day I was visiting with my brother-in-law, whom I have known for 32 years. I knew he was in the military during the Vietnam years but he never would talk about it and just blew it off. Well, this day he started talking and I found out that he was a corpsman in the Navy assigned to a Marine unit. He took care of amputees, head wounds, and everything else. I presented my tough, laugh-and-make-light-of-everything brother-in-law with the last QOV I had taken. He was wearing sun glasses and said, "I'm sure glad I'm wearing these sunglasses or you'd see my tears." It was 90 degrees out and he was wrapped in HIS quilt and only removed it to get into the car to drive away.
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In service to those who stand in the face of war,
Stephanie Logan
Region 3 Coordinator for Wyoming
Quilts of Valor Foundation

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  1. Thanks for letting us all 'share' in your heartwarming presentation stories. Can't imagine being wrapped in a quilt in 90 degree weather. Just shows how much it meant to him!!