Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I WIll Always Carry the Memory

 My family had a great time in Georgia. We went to see our son Shayne graduate from basic and AIT training. He was awarded the Patton Award. This is how the Award reads:

FOR: Military achievement while being selected as the George S. Patton Leadership Award Winner for OSUT Class 13-005. private First Class McSwine's leadership Ability, Professionalism, and Attention to Detail set himself above his peers and became a Model for his Peers to Emulate. His Performance reflects Great Credit upon Himself, Delta Company, the 1st Battalion, 81st Armor Regiment, and The United States ARMY.

Needless to say we are very proud of him. 

The news for the QOVF is that while at the graduation Dinner, I was honored to present QOV’s to the Cadre- those in charge of the recruits. It was a very moving experience. I involved the Platoon Guides to help me as well as my son. The recruits as they were called, held up the quilts on a stage while the recipients stood in front. I read information about each recipient then had the recruits fold the QOV and place over each one's shoulders. They also handed them their case and journal. My son handed his XO his case and journal. Shayne said he saw tears in his eyes as he shook his hand. I did a speech about our organization and how these leaders who trained our sons have stood in harms way. So who better to prepare them for what may lay ahead for each recruit. This was well received by everyone there. 

When I was finished presenting the QOV’S, I started to go to my seat when the Company Commander stopped me. He held up a Company Coin and said for my part in presenting these brave soldiers with these Distinguishable Quilts of Valor, he presented me with this coin. Coins in the Military are very BIG. They are not handed out lightly. So I wish I could share it with all who made the QOV’s I presented,  I can't. But for me I will always carry the memory of all these brave men and how lucky I was to present them their Quilts of valor. Then I returned to my seat. the family sitting at our table included a Vietnam Veteran. His daughter asked me when he father left the table how her Dad could get a QOV. I asked her for info about him. When he returned to the table, I stood and presented him with a QOV.  (Thanks Susan for recommending I take extra.) The Veteran was moved to tears as was all his family.

What a Great Night! Thank You to all who sent me QOV's to present to them. 

Marie McSwine


  1. Wow....congrats to all for the COIN....that is big.
    Absolutely beautiful.....

  2. Fabulous, Marie!! Thank you so much for sharing this moving story with us!!

  3. I am speechless Marie. And tearing up just reading this. I am so glad to be part of this effort for our troops and so proud of them all. Congratulations on your son's achievements and award, and for being part of this moving and important ceremony.

  4. wow! a coin from the XO is amazing! That just shows how important QOVF is to morale and support of our soldiers both new and old! Great story and wonderful job Marie!