Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HMQS - May 2013

How many of you are planning to head to HMQS is Salt Lake City this spring?

Did you know that there is a Quilting Challenge? Check this out
Quilting Challenge for Veterans

and  this:

Challenges  ( you need to scroll down to the bottom)

I have already received my fabrics and am starting to work on my Challenge Quilt!! All of these quilts will go to help Utah Coordinator Diane J to fulfill her requestsfor 218 Quilts of Valor for Summer/Fall 2013!
If you are planning on attending you are more than welcome to bring a Quilt of Valor for Diane!!


  1. I wish I could go but it is too far for me. However, I have my challenge top pieced and will soon start quilting it!

  2. yeah Katyquilts.... keep up the great work ladies. awesome job Alycia. not get your done.

  3. My top is finished and a note from Tami (we teamed up - she is longarming) that I will have it in my hands on Wed. Wahoo! Binding on and then I can send it off to the powers that be. It has been fun to participate. Made my mind do some work for a change!
    Sharon Ledbetter, ID RC