Friday, October 19, 2012

Lewis and Clark QOV Group

This picture and write up was sent to me by Fern J of Kalama, WA. She
moved from Lewiston several years ago. She has continued sewing for QOV
and the Lewis-Clark QOV group. This is her first presentation. There are
big things to come for her.

I found out about 3 months ago that 2 residents in my mobile home park
were Vietnam veterans and had never received any recognition as most have
not. Well..I decided I was going to do something to put it right. I made
the quilt tops..they were sent to Bunkhouse Quilts in Idaho where Ann
W. did a BEAUTIFUL job of long-arming for me. They were returned to me
absolutely beautiful and they were put away out of sight as these 2 vets
once in a while stop in at my place and I did not want them seeing them.
Then came the 29th of September and the scheduled day for the Park BBQ and
birthday party for 5 people. I had the privilege of presenting these
quilts to Charlie(shorter one on the left) and Emmett(big teddy bear on the the “water” showing on his cheeks?) with a gathering of about 20
people, including family and friends. There were very few dry eyes in the
group...the presenter included. A side note on this...some had never heard
of QOV..and 2 more quilts have been requested from the QoV site.

Fern J
The second is a presentation of 6 quilts last night at the Lewiston VFW.

submitted by Sharon L

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  1. THE quilt to the right in MY photo is called CHAINED NINE-PATCH from a book named Twisted Classics by Jeanne Stauffer and Sandra Hatch. Hope this info helps..