Friday, October 5, 2012

A Small World

Background story on this is, I ( Marcella - QOVF Destinations Coordinator) was contacted by a US nurse at Bastion Hospital in Afghanistan to ask if I could have 5 or 6 quilts sent to her to be presented to British soldiers who were being treated at Bastion as part of a thank you for sharing/hosting the MMU (multinational medical unit).

Bastion is an MMU that is run by the British and our troops are treated
there as well. Our troops are presented with QOVs while in hospital but the
British branch of QOV presents quilts once the soldiers return home and the
nurse wanted to provide comfort to some of them while still in hospital.

Elizabeth C had just requested a destination for 6 QOVs and I asked her if
she would be willing to fulfill this request. Her group, Lighthouse Quilt
Guild, was all for it and even changed the labels to address the fact that
the quilts would be from US quilters to British soldiers. I asked Elizabeth
if It would be OK to send this to you for the blog and she said it would be

"Dear Ms. C,

My name is Joe S and I'm a British soldier with 3rd Battalion the Rifles,
who have been deployed to Afghanistan since April 2012. I was wounded on
the 9th August 2012 by a hand grenade. Whilst I was being treated for my
wounds in Camp Bastion I was presented with one of your quilts. It makes
our job worthwhile in Afghanistan when we hear from people like yourself,
who appreciate all our hard work.

I am now slowly recovering at home from my shrapnel wounds, which are mainly
to my legs. I am determined to be fit for when the rest of my company
return to our base in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the end of October.

Kind regards, Joe S"

and also:

"We are writing to say thank you very much for thinking of our British
wounded soldiers. Our son Joe was one of the first British soldiers to
receive one of your lovingly made quilts.

We have enclosed a couple of photos of Joe, one in Afghanistan and the other
of him recovering at home with us and his older brothers, Dave and Andy.

It has been a hard few months since he was deployed to Afghanistan, with
only a few phone calls, which usually ended after a few minutes when the
line went down. He was due home for his two weeks rest on 20th August, but
he was wounded eleven days before. As you can imagine the days immediately
following the news that Joe had been wounded were extremely worrying for us.

Afghanistan is an unforgiving place and the fact that you and the members of
the Lighthouse Quilt Guild thought of joe, despite not knowing him, meant so
much to our family.

The quilt will be treasured and will remind us that Joe's service is
appreciated by so many people.

Best wishes, Dee and Graham"


These kinds of things make it all worth while. Thanks for giving me the
opportunity to give the quilts to these troops.

And thanks, too, for all you do to keep the quilts flowing overseas.

Elizabeth C

Grand Haven, Michigan

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  1. I absolutely love this story and feel it gets to the heart of the QOV mission. Think what a simple act of kindness can mean on the international stage.