Wednesday, February 22, 2012

QOV goes to Ft Riley

On Friday, Jan. 27 a total of 38 quilts were awarded to members of the HHC
from Ft Riley. Several months ago, Deborah Slager had made a quilts for her
nephew, Sgt. 1st Cl. Jason Audiss and had asked Qov - Kansas to make arrangements to
deliver the quilt to him when he returned from Afghanistan. 

Debbie sent a few other quilts, and QOV-Kansas supplied the rest. We drove to Ft Riley, set up
some quilt frames and displayed the quilts. We had enough for the soldiers to
choose a quilt that "spoke to them individually". 

Overall they were very
excited. During the presentation to Sgt Audiss we could see the rest of them
looking over the quilts - spotting the one each one wanted. 

One soldier had his wife serving in another section - he went to get her so they could choose
their quilt together! 

Another was very satisfied to get one with the Mello Yello
Nascar Car on it, because Mello Yellow is his favorite beverage! Every one
expressed how happy they were to be awarded a quilt. 

The idea that their name went on the label made it even more special.

*Submitted by Martha - regional Coordinator in Kansas

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