Thursday, February 9, 2012

from Suzanne in Texas

Suzanne - a wonderful gal from Texas wrote this... and we thought you might like to read it. She is so grateful for being able to present Quilts of Valor to the injured... and so grateful for all the work that goes into a quilt.... read on:

I've been giving out QOVs to wounded warriors for 7 yrs. here in San Antonio and
have never turned away a wounded warrior who needed a quilt but, unfortunately,
that's changing. Thinking about our shortfall of QOVs each month, I'm saddened that
we have lost some quilters due to lack of response from the wounded. 

The wounded I see are those evacuated from Afghanistan (and previously from Iraq,
too.) They usually go thru Ramstein AFB in Germany before being transported on
medical flights, usually to my hospital or to Andrews AFB.  At San Antonio Military
Med. Center (SAMMC, formerly Brooke Army Med Ctr - BAMC), many have severe
injuiries, including hand and arm amputations, or hands and legs, or body burns
requiring years of medical treatements. The wounded warriors are often very young
...and not thinking of "thank you" notes, instead, concentrating on surviving and
It's difficult to watch their struggles for simple daily activities, even with their
families helping. Yet their faces brighten (if not burned) and they are all amazed
and so very grateful to receive a QOV! They usually do get a quilt in Afghanistan or
Germany but sometimes medical flights arrive during super hectic times and the
warrior might not get a quilt. Or it gets lost during transport activities, so I try
to keep a quilt or 2 ready for those critically injured (burned and/or with
amputations) who I see in the Burn Center where I volunteer.  I do double duty as
the unofficial on-site QOV rep (not an official SAMMC position.) I listen and
comfort the warriors' families to support them through the critical waiting and
worrying, then cheer them all on later during rehab.

Recently, I requested some QOVs but was unable to get even one, so I understand the meaning behind the "not enough quilts" statistics. 

Living  in TX, with so many quilters makes it even more sad to think I cannot get a QOV when needed.  

Maybe sharing these stories will inspire new quilters to join in.
I know there are many big-hearted, busy folks who make QOVF a wonderful,  productive organization.  Thanks to all of you for the honor and  comfort your quilts bestow upon our deserving warriors.   Happy quilting!


  1. Suzanne, please send me your email address. I'm in Sugar Land, just west of Houston. We need to talk!

  2. Suzanne are you at the Fischer House? (I think that's what it's called) was curious... I have a friend's nephew residing there and would like to make a trip sometime soon. My email is if you could email your contact info, I can touch base with you and possibly get a project going here in Shepherd with my auxillary. Thanks for all you do! Hang tough!